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At Alexis’ Elixirs you will be advised with respect to building and maintaining wellness. Our products build well-being and help to restore natural balance. Our concern is to help you to discover and strengthen your unique nutritional weaknesses.

We will strive to provide informative material whenever we can so that you can make a choice in your own health and well-being. We will not diagnose your condition. We will help you to heal your body, mind and soul by helping you to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your body systems; we will help the body heal itself.

At Alexis Elixirs we believe that everyone must take responsibility for their own health, that is the only way to attain health and well-being. Remember, disease starts from within, but healing starts from within as well.

Services Offered

Practicioners Assessments

This includes a health assessment, a lifestyle analysis, a constitutional therapy analysis and an Iridology assessment. This is a holistic assessment encompassing everything Alexis Elixirs has to offer to help you on your way to attain a healthy balance and well-being.

Iridology Assessments

Iridology can be used to discover your structural defects, latent toxic settlements, inherent strengths and weaknesses, and the activity of the different organs of the body. The eyes are the windows to the body and soul. Let us help you verify that your treatments are working for you.

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